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Your CSPO Musicians

This is the official website of the musicians of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. The Colorado Springs Philharmonic is the city's premier professional orchestra. Please contact us here:

Our timeline together:

On September 21, 2020, the CSP management released a public statement titled “Colorado Springs Philharmonic Forced to Cancel Agreement with Musicians Union.” Attached to the press release article they included a fact sheet/ timeline reporting their version of the events that occurred over the last eight months. The Musicians of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic believe this fact sheet contains incomplete and misleading points. We’d like to offer a fuller account of what led to the so-called cancellation of their signed legal agreement with us by taking an in-depth look at each of their statements. 


The timeline begins in the following manner:


The Colorado Springs Philharmonic (“CSP”) finalizes a new five-year Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”) with the Pikes Peak Musicians’ Association, Local #154, American Federation of Musicians (“Union”) which was the most progressive in their history in terms of increased musician compensation. The terms increased pay as much as 28 percent over the duration of the five-year agreement.


You may remember our recent "Share the Growth" campaign. Our goal with Share the Growth was to negotiate an increase in the musicians' pay in a manner that reflected the growth of the orchestra's budget. While the amounts allocated to other aspects of the CSP's budget had been growing exponentially over the years, the musicians had not seen a commensurate increase in their wages. The musicians were of course pleased with and grateful for the successful outcome of negotiations that led to the Five-Year Agreement, but we also acknowledge that the pay increase was much needed, and if anything, was long overdue. 

More to come!

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