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Write a letter to CSP management to let them know the community supports their musicians!

Address your letters to:
Nathan Newbrough, Colorado Springs Philharmonic
111 S Tejon St UNIT 305, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
or email to:

Guidelines for letters to Board members from members of the community


Please don't feel you need to address every point listed. These are simply prompts to help you frame your personal experience. 


Since our ultimate goal is to win board members over, we're encouraging folks to remain as respectful as possible while making their points. We hope not to antagonize anyone, but rather, to share our perspective and encourage them to see things from our point of view. We sincerely appreciate your efforts to help with our cause! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 


Personal Experience with the CSPO

  • How long have you been attending concerts?

  • Identify yourself as a donor, season ticket holder, or single-ticket purchaser (we value you, no matter what category applies to you!!)

  • What does the CSPO mean to you?

  • What have you noticed about the quality of the CSPO’s performances over the past several years?


Questions you might want to ask the Board

  • Didn’t you just ratify a new contract with your musicians a few months ago?  How is it in the long-term interests of the organization to cancel the contract with musicians/employ musicians without a contract?  

  • How is it that other orchestras around the state have found ways to give performances (whether to live or virtual audiences) but the CSPO has not?  

  • Why should I continue to support an orchestra that effectively has no musicians?

  • How do you plan to emerge from the pandemic as an organization if you don’t take steps to repair the relationship you have with your musicians?

  • How will you retain the conductors we currently enjoy if you can’t reach an agreement with the musicians?

  • Don’t you have to pay competitive wages to maintain the quality of professional musicians we currently have in the CSPO?

  • How will you attract top talent as openings in the orchestra arise if you don’t maintain a healthy relationship with your musicians?

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